Save Our Shelter

aiming to help the helpless

About Us

The Save Our Shelter campaign is run by a group of professional animal carers who want to establish an animal care facility in Northern Sydney. The campaign currently has no affiliation to local, state or federal governments or other organisations. Our two main objectives are to  raise awareness of the need for an animal rehoming facility in the region and raise enough money to open one.

How did the campaign start?

The campaign began in July 2017 when it was announced that the largest animal care facility in Northern Sydney was closing its doors. The concern caused by the closure prompted the community to start this campaign to help protect the unwanted, homeless and stray animals in the area. There are currently almost no facilities in Northern Sydney which will take in pets from the public. There are very limited sources of education and advice on pet ownership and very few places which offer pets for rehoming.

Who started 'Save Our Shelter'?

The campaign was started by members of the community affected by the closure of the largest rehoming facility in Northern Sydney. These people include the dedicated staff and volunteers who ran the shelter with great success prior to its closure. The shelter had operated on the site for decades and was well known by local vets and pounds as a place for rehoming animals in need.  As you can imagine, the shelter closure was a shock to the team who not only lost their jobs, but also lost the ability to perform the vital work which had been occurring on the site for so long. For some of their stories click here.

How can I help the campaign?

In order for us to help animals in need in the area and in turn assist local councils and the community we need to raise funds to open a new shelter. This will not only help to deal the councils and vets deal with the issue of unwanted animals but also educate the public on animal care, assist with desexing and offer animals for adoption.
However, there are lots of issues to consider as we embark on this journey:
Because this task is so complex, it is important to start spreading the word to ensure as many people as possible are aware of our situation. We are animal carers and we are new to this so we are asking for any help you can give. 
  • Where can the new shelter be appropriately located? 
  • Can we get the support of the local councils and vets? 
    Please visit our contact page if you think you can help in any way and/or you have any ideas that could help.
    Even if you can't help you might be able to donate some money which will be used to establish a new facility - to to the Gofundme campaign page by clicking here.
    • Can you help us spread the word?
    • Do you know someone who can donate some land?
    • Is your company open to a corporate sponsorship deal?
    • Do you know any councillors or vets who can help?
    • Do you know anyone in the media who can open some doors for us?
    • Do you know anyone who knows someone who can help?
    • Do you have a business that can help us in some way?
    • Do you have any expertise in helping us run the campaign in any way?
    • Can you write a letter to your local paper ?
    • Can you write a letter asking your local state member to support our campaign?
    • Do you have any other ideas that can help?

Surely the government can just sort this out?

Unfortunately local, state and federal government in Australia do not help with collection or rehoming of stray or unwanted animals. Many councils in Sydney do have Animal Holding Facilities, however these are literally just that, they hold the animals until they are moved on one way or another. While they do accept privately surrendered animals, they do not collect stray or unwanted animals and are more often than not at capacity and cannot hold animals for long periods of time in their facilities. Northern Sydney does not have a holding facility and in fact uses two local veterinary clinics for this purpose. As these clinics are not set up as holding facilities they are reluctant to take in many animals. This means that the responsibility falls on the shoulders of charities and welfare organisations to pick up the slack. 

This campaign aims to set up a not for profit organisation which will not only save the lives of unwanted, homeless and stray animals but also provide councils and the community with a much needed service.

How can I contact the team?

If you think you can help in any way, you can click here to go to the contact page. As mentioned, we are looking to raise not just funds but also get on board contacts who can help in any way!


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