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Our Stories

These are just some of the stories of the animals we have helped in the past through our work elsewhere. Please read through and let your heart be warmed!!

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Mish Mish

Mish Mish is a beautiful grey and white domestic short hair cat. When he first came to the shelter he was extremely scared and of course this meant he was also stressed. The staff began some intensive work with him using a tailor made behaviour rehabilitation program. This involved first gaining his trust by feeding him treats like BBQ chicken or tuna a few times a day. This built his confidence and showed him that we were only there to help him. After a while he began to warm up to the staff and he was able to be moved into a larger space, from which he could be adopted. The rehabilitation continued and included lots of socialisation with other staff members and volunteers. To the right you can see one of our team socialising Mish Mish with him on her lap! All in all, it was over 4 months before the team could allow potential adopters to meet him. However, Mish Mish was eventually adopted by a lovely retired lady who vowed to spoil him rotten, much to the delight of all staff and volunteers. 


This stunning black and white beauty is Paige. Paige was diagnosed with feline immunodefieciency virus and as there is so much misinformation surrounding the virus, many cats like Paige are overlooked. The reality is that these 'FIV+' cats are just as friendly, funny, playful and just as loving as any cat. Paige was no exception!! She was very affectionate and just loved being around people. Many vets and shelters will euthanase FIV+ cats, but when they can live a happy normal cat life, why not find the right home for their second chance?? Because of the stigma surrounding the virus Paige was in the team's care for many months, but thankfully found her new home before the shelter was closed.


Peggy's first day in foster care. 


The shelter rescued Peggy from the pound where she would may have been euthanased as the pound was inundated with litters of kittens and pregnant queens, which happens every year during 'kitten season', October through to March. Peggy became sick with cat flu soon after arriving at the shelter which made her very weak and she lost weight as her siblings always got to the food before her. Luckily the staff were able to find a foster carer and with lots of TLC and the help of some antibiotics she made an incredible recovery. Fortunately she never came back to the shelter as the foster carer fell in love with her!!



Peggy in her new home today!


Oliver was surrendered to the shelter with his mum by a good Samaritan. However it seemed that they had both been living rough for sometime and were quite scared. As Oliver was around 3 months old, he was split from his mum for special attention. While he made steady progress, it was decided that foster care would be the best option for him. The foster carer worked with him and got him used to being in a house hold and sure enough he came around pretty quickly. He was still a little scared when he came back to the shelter and startled easily but he settled back in soon enough and was adopted to the perfect home. His new owners saw his picture online and fell in love with him instantly without knowing how shy he was. When they met him they didn't care, they still loved him and proceeded with his adoption!


Oliver in foster care